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Night 2 May 25th

(Photo: Thanks to Rusty Pothier Photography) Quick Time: Paxton Fleming 16.642 Heat 1: Johnny Wiersma Heat 2: Brody Anderson Feature Event: (25 Laps) 1) Johnny Wiersma 2) Ross Matheson 3) Piere Guyon 4) Kyle Evens […]

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Night 1 May 24th

(Photo: Thanks to Rusty Pothier Photography) Quick Time: Brody Anderson 14.838 Heat 1: Brody Anderson Heat 2: Decklyn Fleming Feature Event: (20 Laps) 1) Brody Anderson 2) Piere Guyon 3) Ross Matheson 4) Johnny Wiersma […]

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Swift Current Shootout 2024

2024 Can-Am Points

1.Ross Matheson410
2.Paxton Fleming405
3.Pierre Guyon405
4.Decklyn Fleming368
5.Johnny Weirsma285
6.Brody Anderson275
7.Masc Weirsma243
8.Ryan Weirsma236
9.Chris Mateus230
10.Kory Wermling150

2024 Alberta Extreme Sprints Points

1.Brody Anderson295
2.Decklyn Fleming290
3.Ross Matheson285
4.Paul Rolo265
5.Pierre Guyon251
6.Johnny Weirsma244
7.Wes Lee239
8.Marc Weirsma232
9.Chris Mateus232
10.Ryan Weirsma226

2023 AES Champion Brody Anderson