Driver: Ralph Stotschek
Nickname: "Caveman"
Family: Wife with 5 Children and 6 Grandchildren
Age: 59
Years Racing: 15
Hobbies: IMSA Road Racing
Occupation: Automotive and Heavy Construction Consultant

Car Information
Car Number: 2X and 2Y
Chassis: XXX
Engine Spec / Builder: Neanderthal Racing
Car Owner: Me
Crew Members: Steve, Shannon, Cathy
Sponsors: Safe Sober Secure Inc, Neanderthal Racing
Driver: Decklyn Fleming
Family: Tracy, Wade, Tristan, Paxton, Keilyn
Age: 23
Years Racing: 4
Hobbies: Dirtbiking, Fishing, Hiking, Gaming
Occupation: Welder/Heavy duty mechanic
Car Information
Car Number: 7F
Chassis: Schnee
Engine Spec / Builder: Sportsman 350 / AMS Engines
Car Owner: Me
Crew Members: Wade Fleming, Paxton Fleming, Mack Durocher, Corey Stephens
Driver: Pierre Guyon
Age: 69
Years Racing: 55
Occupation: Dyno Plus Services Owner
Car Information
Car Number: 8
Chassis: Rocket
Engine Spec / Builder: SBC 355 Injected
Car Owner: Pierre Guyon
Crew Members: Geoff & Melanie Legge, Mark Cummings, Jim Downie
Sponsors: Top Gun Coatings, Sign Craft Digital, Larry Hursh, Elite Belts, Overdrive Motorsports, Dyno Plus Services
Driver: Darell Belanger
Family: Wife: Sheila, Children: Nicole, Stephen, Samantha
Age: 63
Years Racing: 6-Sprintcars, 10-Hobby Stock, 5-Drag
Hobbies: Snowmobiling
Occupation: Mechanic
Car Information
Car Number: 22D
Chassis: 2014 XXX
Engine Spec / Builder: Sportsman 355 Chev Small Block
Car Owner: Darryl Lennox
Crew Members: Darryl Lennox, Crew Chief: Stephen Belanger, SuzAnn Chomyszyn
Sponsors: The Accessories Shop, Dirty Birdy Landscaping
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