2023 Can Am Series Final Points

We had a total of 33 cars participate in at least one of the eight events and the 2023 Can Am Series which was a total of 8 races, 4 races at Rad Torque Raceway, 3 races in Great Falls, and 1 race in Belgrade.

Number of RacesCar NumberDriverCan Am Challenge Points
82JJames Setters1111
87XJustin Enright1033
824MIan Meyers956
817Paxton Fleming924
86Tom Watts922
813Bret Nykoluk905
8828Cody Ryan900
87FDecklyn Fleming857
62KKyle Evans815
656Ross Matheson685
610BBrody Anderson677
434Johnny Weirsma518
422Brianna Widhalm503
445Jesse Dakus488
457Marc Weirsma484
324BWes Lee367
316Cody Moir366
324Leroy Brush326
37PPiper Enright310
28Tim McCune279
24NJohn Nelson269
22RPaul Rolo244
212Danny Crossley220
227Marcel Bijma218
20Cal Hawkes198
14PJR Nelson198
121Kory Wermling190
13MShane Moore163
107TGreg Tacke153
17FWade Fleming120
133Stuart Selby45
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