Can-Am Challenge June 23-24 A-Main results

Racing News

Here are the A-Main results for Fridays June 23rd Can-Am Sprint cars series

18 cars in total: 1.Marc Wiersma 2.Justin Enright 3.Cody Moir 4.Cody Ryan 5.Ian Myers 6.Brett Nokylk  7.Johnny Wiersma 8.Tom Watts 9.Ross Matheson 10.Wes Lee 11.Danny Crossley 12.Brody Anderson 13.Decklyn Fleming 14.Paxton Fleming 15.Piper Enright 16.James Setters 17.Kyle Evans 18.(DQ) Jessie Dakus

Here are the A-Main results for Saturday June 24th Can-Am Sprint cars series

18 cars in total:  1.James Setters 2.Kyle Evans 3.Johnny Wiersma 4.Brody Anderson 5.Paxton Fleming 6.Jessie Dakus 7.Justin Enright 8.Marc Wiersma 9.Ian Myers 10.Cody Ryan 11.Tom Watts 12.Cody Moir 13.Brett Noklyk 14.Danny Crossley 15.Wes Lee 16.Piper Enright 17.Decklyn Fleming 18.Ross Matheson

Next scheduled race for the Alberta Extreme Sprints is June 29-30 (Frontier Days) @ Speedy Creek Speedway in Swift Current Sask – see website for details.


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