Final show in 2022 was at Flatlanders Speedway in Kindersley

Racing News

Our Trail Tire Alberta Extreme Sprintcars made 1 final stop this year and headed to Flatlanders Speedway in Kindersley Saskatchewan for a 2 day non points show, with 14 cars making the tow we put on a great show for the packed house, the track was a little dry and most teams wore off a bunch of tires but it was some great racing. Night 1 feature winner was 2022 Champion Brody Anderson and the night 2 feature winner getting his first feature win 2022 rookie of the year Paxton Fleming! Thanks for everyone who came out and raced and we hope to add Flatlanders speedway and other track too our travelling show in 2023.

Night 2 Feature winner Paxton Fleming
Night 1 feature winner Brody Anderson
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